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About The Author:

Hey, My name is Alex Devis, I am passionate about Coaching and blogging with Running: In 2012, I started practicing running, and it quickly became a passion. Beginning with the excellent program “I run for my form,” I now run 20-30km trails and half marathons.

I even went to the other side and became myself an animator and coach in the jogging club that I created with friends in my town.

Now that I run jogging groups, the idea of coaching groups to create their website has come naturally.

Moreover, the running virus having seized me, I began to read and discover other joggers blogs. And naturally, it made me want to create my blog: ”  From the couch to the trails.” Workouts, races, courses, … I love to write and share my adventures with other runners.

Writing articles has become a passion at home, so I can spend hours reading, re-reading, improving my writing. Over time, I am trained in copywriting so I can help you create compelling content for your website whether it’s your site pages or your blog posts.

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