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How to Choose the Right Rubbish Removal Services

Choosing the right rubbish removal company can play an important role in the efficient management of wastes in your locality, in the construction site, in your house or in industry.  You may wonder why the disposal of wastes has to be given this much importance? It has to be given the importance owing to the fact that it is legally important to dispose of wastes in the appropriate landfills. There are regulations that govern it. secondly, indiscriminate dumping of wastes on land can serve as breeding places for germs and bacteria, and the rubbish spills have the potential to pollute the soil and air. Thirdly, it is possible to use most of the items that are disposed for other purposes, or it can be recycled to produce new products. This would be helpful in reducing the amount of wastes that go into the landfills which are short in space in many places.

Choosing the right rubbish removal services

When you are planning to hire the services of a rubbish removal company  for your property, commercial purposes or for construction sites or any other reasons, it is important to consider the following factors

Reliability-  Signing up a contract with a rubbish removal company that is cheap is one thing. But, if the company does not perform its duties assigned in the contract, you have to either cancel the contract and even file a case to recover the amount paid or do away with the amount considering it a bad debt. But, think of the inconvenience when junk piles up while you are involved in the process. therefore, it is important to check the reliability of the rubbish removal company before you sign up the contract. You can do this by going through the customer reviews on the website and meeting the other clients serviced by the company already.

Choose the Right  Rubbish Removal

Credentials- This refers to the accreditation that the rubbish removal company enjoys owing to their compliance with the legislative guidelines regarding the disposal of wastes.  the accreditation that a rubbish removal company is expected to have or works to achieve include ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 1800. Also, companies that work with a mission to ensure zero landfills are considered eco-friendly rubbish removal company with the focus on segregation of wastes at source and improved recycling rates.

Customer service- Professional services that focus on swift, timely operatives, ensuring tidiness of the site at all times and providing emergency services on request are all markers of quality rubbish removal company focussed on customer satisfaction.  This would ensure that you would not have to go searching for a new rubbish removal company at the end of the contract period.

Price- This is indeed one of the most important factors that have to be considered but not at the cost of quality services. While it would be great to choose one of the companies that offer from a few that provide quality services at affordable prices, it would be detrimental to choose a rubbish removal company based on purely the low quote it offers as a price that is too good to be true usually means poor services.

Choose cost-effective services!

How To Update A WordPress Theme

Update A WordPress Theme, Is It Complicated?

I decided to post this article as I got a question from a user on a Facebook group dedicated to copywriting to which I am also registered.

At first sight, this question seemed to me rather strange. Indeed on WordPress, the update of the themes is quite easy.

It is often a simple click, as for extensions. However, he was talking about a premium theme purchased from a leading online marketplace. The story is a little complicated because this user also had an excellent idea to install a child theme related to its premium theme.

A Child Theme, What Is This?

On WordPress, themes are fully editable. You can edit source and CSS files as you like to get the perfect theme for your site.

By cons attention! If you update your theme with the latest version … Hop flew the changes! You can then start all over again.

The themes children bring the solution to this problem. This is a theme based on your main theme (the parent theme), with all its features. But, you can modify CSS files and other templates as you please without fear of updates this time.

If you want to know how to set up this kind of thing, I invite you to read this complete article on the subject to know everything about the child theme.

Let’s go back to our sheep and this question of how to update a WordPress theme.

Before you start

First, why update its WordPress theme while it gives you complete satisfaction?

Two things : For bug fixes and possible security holes

And especially to benefit from new features and plugins related to your theme.

The first step before updating your WordPress theme seems obvious, but everyone does not always do it. This is to create a backup of your site! To do this, I can only advise you the excellent UpdraftPlus extension that works perfectly.

In order not to disturb users visiting your site, I also encourage you to install a maintenance extension. There are several on the market; most are free in their basic version.

The main feature is to place a temporary homepage to warn your visitors about the maintenance of your site. Feel free to put links to your facebook page or email, so you do not miss important questions.

Once these two operations are completed, we can now proceed to the update itself.

The Procedure

When you buy a premium theme, some are designed to update directly when you register your license key. I am thinking here of Divi which at the moment is one of the best themes I have had the opportunity to use .procedures to update a WordPress theme

On others, it’s more complicated. You receive an email telling you that an update is available. Here is the simple procedure I use:

  • Enable maintenance mode
  • Activate a default theme provided with WordPress
  • Delete the parent theme (keep your child theme!)
  • Install the new theme
  • Re-activate the child theme
  • Check all pages to see if everything is OK
  • Top chrono, maximum 5 minutes, and it’s done!
  • Ouch, everything did not go well!

Sometimes, some pages are “broken” after this operation.

Do Not Panic!

From 1 you usually have a backup, and 2, most of the time, the problem comes from a plugin that requires an update too. Indeed, these premium themes are usually packaged with a series of extensions like a Visual builder or an image carousel.

These extensions do not automatically update with the theme update! If you notice problems, disable and replace these plugins with their newer versions.

The Problem Should Be Solved.


Updating a WordPress theme is not a complicated operation. If you respect the few points mentioned above, everything should be fine.

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